Top Three things to buy with an iTunes gift card

What gift do you give a techie who already has everything mysystemjournal4they need? a gift card. An iTunes gift card is one of the most popular gifts, especially for the holidays. It is popular because you can buy it in several denominations, but most of all it is an actual physical card which is essential when you want to be able to give a physical gift. There are so many things you can buy with it, here are a few apps:



There are a lot of twitter clients available on iOS, but nothing compares to Tweetbot. Ask any techie or Apple fan and they will tell you the same thing. If you don’t have this already, and are still using the official Twitter client, this is a good purchase.



This is a game that never gets old. You can get hours and hours of fun. Even better is that you can play it on the iPhone and the iPad. It is most definitely the best racing game on iOS. For even more fun it can be paired with a game controller.



Asphalt 8 (racing game), Fantastical 2 (calendar app), Alto’s Adventure (puzzle game) and Monument Vallye (adventure game) are some other honourable mentions.


This is only the list of Apps. You could even by Movies, TV Shows and Music. If you are heavy music listener than there is nothing better than putting your gift card dollars towards an Apple Music subscription.