IT Training Is More Important than Ever

Written by Brand College

It’s no secret that the last seven years or so have not been great for our economy. Many people are still worried that we’re not actually out of it yet and that the next handful could be just as bad. Whatever the case, you still need a job. Hopefully, the recession has also made it clear that you need a job which will actually deliver a sufficient paycheck and that this means one you can depend on for the foreseeable future. Whether you don’t have a degree or the one you currently have isn’t working, consider getting into information technology training in Los Angeles.

There are countless ways you could do this. Right now, for example, Cisco training in Los Angeles is very popular. Learning about information services, software design and server management are all great options too.

The point is that you want your paycheck to be tied to the digital world. It clearly isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If anything, it’s getting more and more important. With the right training, you could land a job practically anywhere in the world.

For that, consider Brand College. It’s located at 529 Hahn Ave. Suite 101, Glendale, CA 91203-1052, so just a stone’s throw from LA. They have a history that shows they understand this important field and know how to pass it on to others too.


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3 Power Tools for Bookmarking

The web is changing gradually, where a number of sites are being converted into apps. Still, there is one thing that isn’t changing – bookmarks, in particular.

That said, if you want to organize all your stuff into folders, then the standard bookmarks manager located in your browser should do. But if you want something more, here are 3 power tools for bookmarking:

#1: Evernote

The popular note-taking service Evernote might not be the best tool to use when it comes to storing bookmarks. However, there’s an option where you can use Evernote for research-based bookmarks and where you will have to install the web clipper add-on. This service will help save an entire webpage or parts of it to Evernote. Once you do this, you can also use other features such as voice memos, tagging, search, annotations and even sharing.

#2: Dewey Bookmarks

This Chrome extension will help you browse your bookmarks far more easily than usual as they are displayed in the grid format where each bookmark is displayed as a card with the title of the site or webpage, the folder it is located in and as an image.

You can even sort it by date, address or title and pencil icon should appear that will help edit the title or URL apart from being able to add or delete a tag.

#3: Chrome Bookmarks Manager

Google added its own Bookmarks Manager to the Chrome Web Store where its design aesthetic and interface should be easy to navigate through if you use a number of Chrome web apps. These bookmarks are displayed as cards and which is very similar to the Dewey Bookmarks discussed earlier.

Once the extension has been installed, go to chrome://bookmarks so as to manage them.

3 Tips on What You Should Avoid Downloading

One of the reasons why the internet is so popular is because you can get ‘free stuff. Books, movies, games and music – you name it.

Of course, not everything that you can download off the internet is safe for your computer, no matter what you think, thanks to the file containing malware, spyware or a virus.

So, here are 3 tips on what you should avoid downloading:

#1: Illegal Torrent files

Torrent files are in use today to download large and small files and sites such as The Pirate Bay, Utorrent and BitTorrent are often caught infringing copyright rules. Since there’s every chance of you getting caught by the police for downloading pirated files, it’s better to keep off.

#2: File sharing programs

Another source of pirated files is file-sharing programs such as Kazaa, Napster, FrostWire and so on and so forth. While there’s every chance that what you might be downloading is considered to be copyright infringement, some of these files also come with a virus or are known to contain files that will help people hack into your computer. So it’s important to be wary that you stay on the side of the law while not exposing your computer to hackers either.

#3: Videogames from free sites

There are several sites that offer free links to download popular videogames for PC. Avoid giving into the temptation to do so and buy the game, even if at a cheaper rate, from Amazon or eBay. Not only will you feel you did the right thing but you’ll get to enjoy the entire game. As for demos, only download them from recognized sources.

How to Remove All Traces of Online Activity

All of us, at some point or the other, tend to surf objectionable content – whether adults or children.

If you’ve visited websites with content that you don’t want anyone else to know about, then it’s a good idea to know how to delete the history and cookies that track which websites that you’ve visited.

So here are the steps to removing all traces of online activity:

#1: As a precautionary measure, check if your computer was in the state that you left it in – whether it is in Standby Mode or shut down completely.

#2: Sometimes people who pry around forget to close what they were doing when they were looking for what you were up to. Check to see if any files or programs are open.

#3: Also, check to see if the ‘history’ window is still open and which continues to remain so even if the browser is closed. It is definitely a way by which you can tell whether anyone has been snooping around to check what you’ve been up to.

#4: Check for hidden programs in Processes tab of Task Manager which go by the name ‘Ghost’ or ‘Spector’ that might have been installed so as to monitor the websites that you have been visiting. In all probability, this is the work of a parent, who is only trying to protect you. All you have to do is select that program and ‘End Process’. Better still, you can uninstall that program as well by going to Control Panel and then Programs.

#5: Other tips to keep your surfing information anonymous is to clear your cookies and files after each session or even use Opera, which is relatively unknown, as a browser. Also, you can look for options in Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer that offer one the ability to browse privately or in incognito mode.

NLP Therapy

NLP therapy programs exist for individuals who would like another approach to traditional therapy sessions. An NLP training course introduces the individual to techniques and approaches that are designed to bring about change and success in a relatively short period of time. The core belief behind these programs is adaptation. This means that people can only do the best that they can with the resources they have available at the time, and that the overall intention of a behavior is usually a positive one. So instead of focusing on the negative behavior, they find new ways to express the same intention.

In addition to NLP therapy for the general public, a licensed therapist can also choose to learn NLP techniques for their own clients. NLP coaching can bring new insight into the work of an existing therapist or coach. NLP is geared to achieve results more quickly than typical therapy sessions. The idea behind the process is that they rather focus on what works, instead of a particular style of therapy.

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