The Advantages of Chromebooks

Chromebooks are Google’s take on the desktop computer operating system. It is based around their web browser Chrome. In it, the web browser takes center stage. You cannot run any applications, only websites that you visit through the web browser. Chromebooks have become very popular with schools and other education institutions and have taken a significant portion of education sales in the last couple of years. There are several advantages to using Chromebooks, here are three:


Chromebooks are registered online. Each chromebook can be registered to a specific account and this makes it much easier to manage. There is also no directly usable local storage so anyone can switch from one Chromebook to another as long as their data is in the cloud. For cloud storage on Chromebooks, Google Drive is built in. In the same vein, if someone loses a chromebook, they can be up and running on a new one very quickly.


There are no applications running on a Chromebook. Only a browser. So any application will need to run within the browser. This makes the OS itself very lightweight. Unlike other OS’s you dont get feature bloat and it stays fast and responsive throughout.


Like the chrome browser, Chromebooks get continuous updates installed in the background without any intervention from you. You can keep using the Chromebook without having to worry about annoying popups and multiple restarts to keep your computer secure.