How to use your Smartphone to track your infants growth

Parents of newborns are seen walking around with notepads writing down every detail they can. What time the baby fed. The timing of his last diaper change. Monitoring total feeding times and quantities. These are just a few details that need to be tracked early on. Thanks to some modern smartphone apps, this is no longer necessary.

There are now smartphone apps that can track every facet of your babies life. Let’s take feeding. Breastfeeding can be tracked by time spent feeding or for formula fed babies you can enter quantities. At the end of the day several indicators can show how much your baby has fed. This data can be graphed over time and compared to previous days.

mysystemjournal3You can also track growth. Weight and add that information in regularly and you can track the babies growth. This information is plotted against several graphs that compare to WHO and CDC infant growth standards. This way if the percentile that your infants growth is above or below the median, you can take action or see a pediatrician.

If data is entered by both parents, these apps can now synchronize between phones, allowing one parent to enter while the other can monitor progress.

This is one of the advantages of technology for real world use cases. Being able to track your babies growth and health on a smartphone is a life saver and can take away a lot of the stress of being a new parent.