What You Need To Do When Your Windows Backup Fails

There’s a reason why experts recommend two backups instead of one. This is because there’s always a chance of that backup that you created not working at all.

However, there is a fix for this problem and in particular for image backups.

But first: what is an image backup?

Simply put, it is able to copy an entire partition or drive into one large file.

 mysystemsjournal2While you can use it to backup documents and other files, you can literally back Windows and all your installed programs as well.

Even then, your data is usually more about important. Installing Windows is always a possibility as being able to retrieve your child’s pictures or that quarterly report you saved.

If you have backup either locally or in the cloud, then you can restore that. Or else, if you use OneDrive or Dropbox, then you obtain at least some of your files from there as well.

The next option is to mount your image backup as a drive. Most backup programs give you the option to do this.

All you have to do is double-click the backup file on your computer where your backup program has been installed.

If it isn’t completely corrupted, then it should appear in Windows as a virtual partition. You can then copy and paste files to another drive as a result.

This also works with Windows backup files as well. If you are using the WindowsImageBackup folder, you’ll find the files there as well. However, you have to access each folder in order to obtain VHDX file.

This is no different with Windows 7.

Now if these tips don’t work, the other option is to buy an external drive while attempting to recover the entire drive to it.

If this works, then try cloning it to the internal drive. Or try the restoration on another computer. But it will have to be an external drive.

Finally, if this doesn’t work then use HDDScan to run a diagnosis on the backup drive.