How To Make The Cursor or Mouse Pointer More Visible

If you can’t see the mouse pointer when you move the mouse around, then it’s time change how the pointer looks and behaves.

Of course, the simplest way to do this is by making these changes through the Control Panel’s Mouse tool.

As you should know, there are different procedures for each version of Windows.

Let’s look at these procedures for Windows 7,8 and 10:

 mysystemsjournal3Windows 7: This method is the simplest of the lot. First, click Start, select Mouse in the Control Panel section. Now, make the changes necessary.

Windows 8: Go to the Charm bar,type ‘mouse’ in the text box. Select the option that says Mouse. Avoid the Ease of Access mouse settings. It doesn’t have as many options as the Control Panel tool.

Windows 10: For this, type Mouse in the search field. Now select ‘Change your mouse settings’. After this, click ‘Additional mouse settings’ in the Settings app.

Regardless of whichever version of Windows you use, you should be in the Mouse properties dialog box.

Now select the Pointers tab and the Scheme menu and pick something. There will be a variety of colors, schemes and fonts to select from.

When you pick one scheme, it won’t change the mouse pointer but will display your selection in the box to the right of the Scheme menu.

If you want to see how the mouse pointer actually looks, then click Apply.

Also look at the Pointer Options tab as you will find more possibilities there to make your mouse pointer visible.