Understanding Mercruiser sterndrives

For a novice, there can be an overwhelming amount of Mercruiser boat parts and accessories to choose from. Of course, it’s important to know what each part is for and what it does. Let’s take a look at Mercruiser sterndrives for a better understanding.

Sterndrives are a form of engine that uses both inboard and outboard components. They are notable in their appearance, as the engine is positioned just ahead of the boats transom, while its outdrive is completely outside the hull.

The mechanics of the sterndrive actually have their origins in the First World War, when the Isotta-Fraschini was introduced with two propellers rotating in opposite directions. Then in 1948 Mercury Marine merged a racing car’s engine to the lower section of an outboard motor. The result was an outboard motor that could out power anything available at the time. Nowadays, companies like Mercruiser have made these engines commonplace.

These engines are steered by moving the outdrive; there is no rudder attached. The outdrive can be switched out with compatible engines of appropriate power. This gives the user a variety of choices in terms of power and control.

Sterndrives revolutionized the way boats were powered over sixty years ago. Today they have become commonplace, but the adventurous are always looking for ways to up the ante in terms of speed and power.