Paying The Provider, Providing the Payer

By Ted Dhanik 

So a company wishes to promote their product or services. Paying for a large advertisement in a newspaper or periodical can be quite expensive, and there still remains the question of whether the potential customers are actually getting the chance to see the company’s message or not. When dealing with online advertising, banner ads can still be catered to a website that relates to the product. But even then, the potential for the public to gloss over them is still there. However, there is a way to create that extra push that can get website providers to help feature your ads.

Pay per click advertising creates a relationship with the web providers that feature a company’s ads. Basically, the website featuring the ad gets paid for each click on the link to a company’s website. In many ways, this sort of advertising relationship is mutually beneficial. The company that is marketing a product or service may spend money for each potential customer. However, the payment is quite low, in the nature of a few cents, which is relatively little for the amount of future or existing customers that will visit the site. And through these payments, most websites become self sustaining with the placement of a few embedded ads. Not only can this ensure that your ads will be seen, but that those who run a website will do what they can to make sure your ad is seen.

It is the nature of this agreement: you pay the provider and the provider supplies the payer.

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