Things to know before choosing a data center

Written by: Rack Alley

If you’re choosing a new data center, Los Angeles might have popped up in your list a few times. That’s no coincidence though. A lot of companies will choose an LA data center over others.

Los Angeles colocation

The prime reason for that is the colocation. Colocation is a simple concept; it means sharing your data center with other companies. Now you might think about security issues, but that’s all been taken good care of. The companies are properly isolated from each other. In fact, colocation is a very common practice.

Colocation also addresses the time issue. Usually, setting up a new data center takes a lot of time. This means that if a company wants a data center fast, they’re more likely to find a colocation one.

Los Angeles web hosting

But why choose Los Angeles in the first place. What if price was not an issue?

Los Angeles has grown over the years to become the city to go to for high quality data centers. It has direct access to a lot of high quality network service providers. This makes sure that your data travels in a fast and reliable way.

Los Angeles is also home to a wide network of content delivery networks. Content delivery networks, called CDN, ensures that users worldwide have fast access your website. This is achieved by having servers on strategic parts of the world. These servers will contain a copy of your data, so users closer to the CDN server will use that one.