3 Benchmarking Tools You Can Use to Test Your Android Phone

How much do you know about your Android phone? Apart from its name, price tag and the applications it can run?

In order to know more, you can use this to run benchmarks that will not only tell you how how fast your phone but will also show you it fares against older phones or those in the marketplace.

That said, here are 3 benchmarking tools that you can use:

#1: Basemark OS II and Basemark OS X

Basemark is one of the most sophisticated benchmarking suites available that cover both gaming as well as OS separately. That said, Basemark OS II, in particular, works to check for OS performance while Basemark OS X tests for gaming performance.

#2: Antutu 5

Antutu’s fifth version will test for gaps in GPU and CPU performance. With this new version, single-core CPU performance is also included now that software can be written for the rising core counts. Even the GPU benchmark also gets a facelift where complexity has been added along with the addition of the Havok Vision Engine. With support for ART and Lollipop as well as new 64-bit hardware such as Nvidia and Qualcomm, Antutu is ready enough for the latest hardware.

#3: Ookla

Ookla is an internet speed meter that runs latency and bandwidth tests to particular servers that you can specify. This could be across a region or even a particular city as well. One good reason why it is a good idea to use this benchmarking your Android phone is because carrier performance and phone location works just as well.