Steps to Wipe your Computer

Wiping a computer is an inevitable process that occurs from time to time and involves removing everything such as programs, its operating system and other files from the hard drive of the system.

There are two outcomes when a system is being wiped. Either the hard disk will be discarded or a fresh Window installation will take place. For the later, there are specific tools that can not only wipe the hard disk clean but also prepare it for a fresh installation.

So, here are some steps by which you wipe a computer:

Step #1: Insert the Windows CD or DVD into the drive and start your computer. After this, wait for the prompt which says ‘Press any key to boot from CD’. If there is no prompt, then enter BIOS setup and set the boot order to boot from the CD drive first.

Step #2: Now all you have to do is to wait for the Windows Setup program to ask you where to install Windows and all you have to do is pick the location, and which is usually C: Windows. Hit Next to move through the next screens, and if there is a partition on your hard disk, then choose the option to delete it.

Step #3: If there are several partitions, then ensure that you delete every one of them to wipe your drive clean. Once this is done, then it is time to create a new partition and format it accordingly to install Windows. If you are getting rid of the computer, then remove the CD before the installation part and switch off the computer.