About: Hidden Cameras

Spy cameras, at one point, played a huge part in history. They traditionally refer to the original cameras used for espionage during the height of the Cold War. Nowadays though, spy cameras can mean anything from hidden cameras for security purposes, to nanny cams, to toy cameras made for the little kiddies.  If you want to live your private inspector fantasies and decide to buy a spy camera, then be sure to get one that is suited for the purpose for which you will use it.

Remember that the smaller cameras generally have worse image quality than the bigger ones, so if you want a camera that you can conceal on your pockets or your lapel then it might not be able to deliver high definition images. Most spy cameras have no zoom options or rotating options available. They usually are very straightforward, capable only of straight on shots. Also, you should consider the time when you’ll be using the camera. If you’ll be shooting images or videos during the night or in places that are dark, you might want to consider getting a camera with night-vision.

A lot of manufacturers carry different types of spy cameras to suit your needs. For example, there are those who make spy cameras for home use and there are those who have a hidden cameras wireless version in their product line. There are also some cameras that have remote access capabilities—this means you can access the feed in real time even if you’re not holding the camera. This is mostly a feature offered for cameras used for security purposes