How to Select and View Multiple Timezones on Windows

There are a number of features in Windows that can make your Life easier. One such feature involves being able to keep track of a number of time zones at the same time.

While it’s easier to use Google by typing “time (city name)”, both Windows 7 and 8.1 can help you view these time zones at a glance.

For this, click on the lower right hand corner of your screen to open a window that displays the time and date. After this, click ‘Time and date settings’. Now, with the window that opens up, click the ‘Additional Clocks’ tab.

Click the checkbox next to the ‘Show this clock’ and select the time zone as well which is based on hours before or after Universal Coordinated Time.

Once you’ve done this, then enter the appropriate names for each of the clocks in the given boxes ‘Enter display name’. Once you’re done, then click ‘Add’ and ‘OK’ and that’s it!

As for wanting to see the time zones together, move your mouse pointer to the bottom right-hand corner and click to a see a window with all the clocks showing the times you selected earlier.

Another simpler way to see the time is to hover the mouse pointer in the same area and a yellow pop-up window will appear listing the three time zones alongwith their display names.

Finally, even though Windows doesn’t provide a shortcut key to display these clocks, one can use the Windows key + B and the arrow keys to open them once the time and date option is highlighted.