5 Important Features That Any Business Router Must Possess

Any business would know how important a router is, considering that it is at the heart of your network.

By definition, a router enables you to share your internet connection between your PC, tablets and smartphones and so on and so forth.

So, if you are looking for a business router, here are 5 important features to look for:

#1: Wi-Fi Access Point

Most routers have an in-built Wi-Fi access point so as to provide wireless network connections to PCs and other devices with Wi-Fi adapters. As a rule, buy a wireless routers which is of the standard, IEEE 802.11n or the 802.11ac draft version as the others are considered to be legacy standards.

#2: Guest Wi-Fi Access

Wireless guest access allows you to create a separate SSID that is different from your main wireless network. So, when guests use this feature, they will not be able to see traffic or even access files or computers on your network.

#3: Virtual LANs and Multiple SSIDs

Instead of offering a simple wireless features, some routers allow you to create a several customized networks known as VLANs or Virtual LANs – be it a separate network connection for management, for regular employees or for guests. They will also have multiple SSIDs that will offer these multiple wireless networks.

#4: VPN Server and Client

Some business class routers include a VPN Server and Client, where the former allows users to access your network securely securely while at a different location. The latter helps connect to another router over the Internet, making it easy to share files and resources between two locations.

#5: USB Port for Printer and Drives

Some routers include a USB port so that people using the network can use a common printer. An external drive can also be shared with users with the availability of this port too.