3 Tips to Browse the Internet with Google Chrome Safely

Experts are positive, for the most part, when it comes to Google Chrome’s security features. However, Google Chrome does have it weaknesses if you don’t take the necessary steps to beef up security.

So here are 3 tips so as to browse the internet with Google Chrome safely:

#1: Use Google’s Privacy Features

Google Chrome offers features such as phishing, autocorrect and malware-protection. All you have to do is get to Settings, Privacy and Advanced Settings to get there. Check the boxes labeled “Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors” and “Use a web service to help resolve spelling errors” as well as “Enable phishing and malware protection”. As a precautionary measure, try disabling JavaScript.

#2: Keep your credit card details and password safe

Allowing Chrome to save your passwords means giving other people who use your system access to your personal information. Simple solutions include not allowing other to use your Windows account but enabling the Guest account or even enabling the Standard account instead.

Alternatively, you can password-protect Chrome if you don’t want to create another Windows account, and that can be done by installing extensions such as Secure Profile, ChromePW and Browser Lock.

#3: Protect Your Google Account

When you use Chrome’s sync feature, you can also add another layer of security to protect your Google account, if you use a lot of its services. For this, enable Google’s 2-step verification process and which need you to enter a code received by email or text when you access your Google account from another computer or mobile device.