4 Tips to Using LinkedIn for Recruitment

With LinkedIn having almost 200 million users, there have been new features to this social media network, in regard to looking for and posting jobs.

If you aren’t exploring the recruitment potential that LinkedIn has to offer, you might just miss out on that next great candidate.

So, here are 4 tips to using LinkedIn for recruitment:

#1: Find employees using Premium TalentFinder

While the free version doesn’t work so well, the paid one does. It costs $74.95 and is well worth the price, considering how much companies spend on hiring people. You can contact anyone on LinkedIN with this feature.

#2: Get Company and Career Pages

This is the first thing that an organization must do – setting up a Company page along with adding a Careers page with available jobs. While you might have to pay for the latter feature, you can also add important information as to what it might be to work at the company, testimonials, videos and messages from current employees to attract attention.

#3: Use Sponsored Jobs

This is the best way to attract potential employees as they are more likely to apply for a sponsored job rather than anything else. All you have to do is bid for the top placement for ‘Jobs You May Be Interested In” space. Not only will this give your ad top billing on LinkedIn’s home page but also by displaying the ad in the potential employee’s inbox. You’ll only get charged if a potential employee clicks on the ad.

#4: Join LinkedIn Groups

Participating in group discussion with people who think similarly puts you and your organization in the spotlight. This might work as curious (and potential employees) might just check your page regularly.