3 Ways By Which Android Tracks Your Activity

There are a number of ways your Android device tracks your activity. Whether or not you find that to be creepy depends on how paranoid you really are.

Of course, Google does this so as to generate search results that might be most suited to your needs. Even though the company says that only you can access your browsing history, it’s still a good idea to think about knowing how Android tracks your activity.

Having said, here are 3 ways by which you Android tracks your activity:

#1: Web History

Google keeps track of your searches whenever you use Chrome from any device so as to make your search results far more relevant. In order delete your web history, open the Applications drawer and the Google Settings. Now tap Account History, Web & App Activity and Manage History buttons. You can either turn on the Private Browsing feature in Chrome or use the Search box and Remove Items button accordingly to delete your search history. You also have an option to put your entire web history on pause so that Google doesn’t save your searches. This is done by unselecting the On setting on top of the Web & App Activity screen.

mysystemjournal2#2: Location

If you give Google the green signal, Android will keep track of the location of your tablet or other devices and which is done by pinging its servers from time to time. This can happen even if you aren’t actively using these devices.

To remove it, go to Google Location History and uncheck all devices whose location you do not want to share. Tap Delete Location History to wipe your location history completely.

#3: YouTube Browsing

Your YouTube searches are usually saved so as to offer recommendations and better search results in the future. Now you can either remove an individual search or all of it. For this, go to Account Activity screen and YouTube Search History as well as Manage History. As mentioned earlier, to remove individual search from the list, tap the three-dot menu button and then, Remove from Search History. As for deleting the entire list, tap the Clear all Search history button.