3 Things to Remember Before Switching Browsers

Switching between browsers used to be easy – not anymore. However, with a number of actions which involve customizing these programs with extensions, run apps or even sync open tabs to mobile devices.

Having said that, here are 3 things to keep in mind before switching between browsers:

#1: Syncing browsing data between all devices
Moving quickly and easily between open tabs in a browser is a feature that Chrome offers. However, this is available with other browsers too with Firefox having Sync and Opera having Link  for Android users, in particular. While Firefox is available on Android, Opera has mobile browsers for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. As for Safari on Windows PC and on an iPhone, you have lesser options when it comes to syncing but iCloud can help you with that.

#2: Bookmarks
While it’s difficult to go anywhere without your bookmarks, this issue was probably solved a long long time ago. Moving bookmarks between browsers is rather easy, and can done for all four popular browsers by using the Import or Export options available on all of them.

#3: Look for alternative add-ons or extensions
If you browse a lot (and who doesn’t these days!), there’s no doubt that using a few add-ons can make your experience all that better. Of course, before you switch your browser, make sure that critical services such as a password manager or even options for Evernote are available. What you must remember is that you will have to give up some add-ons for other as you might not find the same extension on another browser. That said, a number of popular services will be available on all browsers but not so for the niche stuff.