Boost Your Mobile Advertising

Mobile saturation has finally reached a point where more companies are devoting significant resources to marketing on mobile devices. These ads still offer the same rich experience for the user, but they are tailored to fit smaller screens and devices without being obtrusive. Even though mobile marketing is a new field, these tips will help give your first campaigns a small boost.

About Mobile Users

Mobile users are usually on the go, and are often taking to the Web to find something they need. This might be the location of a store, a price check or a query about whether the item they want is even in stock. Mobile ads tend to do best when they satisfy a need for the user immediately.

Calls to Action

Once you understand more about why the user is surfing in the first place, you can tailor a call that moves them toward some action. Phrases like “Order Now” or “Play Today” bring home that sense of immediacy, and they tell the user what she is about to do. This is far more specific than the generic “Click Here” of yesteryear.

Also, design your button to be easy for someone to push. Even though they are clicking on the entire ad, the button gives them something visual to connect with.


Mobile is notorious for being very limited on space. Mobile ads tend to function best when the copy and the call to action are as succinct as possible, so this is a great opportunity for marketers who have a flair for one-liners.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the co-founder of engage:BDR, a digital advertising company based out of Los Angeles. Ted Dhanik sells engaging advertising and grows businesses online. To get started with engage:BDR, contact Ted Dhanik.