The Android Beam

People interested in connectivity and android devices may always be found asking the question, what is android beam? Android beam is a near field communication based technology that allows the sharing of multimedia that includes web pages, videos, android application pictures and even text by just tapping two android smart phones that are equipped with the NFC technology. The NFC full for near field communications technology is a set of protocol for radio based devices that include smart phones to establish communication between each other when they come into contact.

Google has integrated the android beam into its wide variety of products such as Google maps, it mapping service and you tube, it video sharing site. To demonstrate the power of the android beam technology on daily entertainment tasks such as watching a video, suppose your friend is viewing a very interesting video but since smart phones usually have low screen size you will have problems with enjoying the video with him. Normal non NFC enabled smart phones would require the process of pausing the video or movie then try to connect the two devices via the sometimes clunky blue-tooth connection. This is definitely not the case with Google beam as the two devices will only need to touch so that you can share the video with your friends.

This service comes with the ice cream sandwich version of the android operating system comes in handy not only when sharing multimedia but also when doing such menial tasks as sharing contacts. Therefore if you have a top of the range smart phone you could forget the daily task of reading out a long sequence of numbers to the people you want to keep in touch with. Also important to note that this is an open source technology with down-loadable SDKs so there is a general expectations that the android beam might become more and more handier as freelance developers get to test it.