How to Speed up Your Browsers without installing any Programs

No matter how fast your browsers work, there comes a time when they begin to slow down for numerous reasons.

But before you go about installing software, there are simpler steps to go about bringing your browser back to speed. So, here are a ways to consider if you need to speed up your browser:

#1: If you are using Firefox, then the first thing that you must do is clear recent history by going to Tools in the Menu bar, select Clear Recent History and the Time Range as since the beginning of time as well as all the components in the list. If you are using Google Chrome, then you will have to go to Wrench Icon, select Options and Under the Hood and then Clear Browsing Data. Also, select Time Range since the beginning of time and all the components under them.

#2: Increasing your cache size is one of the best ways by which you can increase your browsing speed. Better still, block Javascript and Flash and you’ll find that sites with Flash and a large number of ads will come through a lot quicker.

#3: Most browser speed tests end up with Safari and Opera being much better than Internet Explorer and FireFox at loading pages. Of course, there are good reasons why the latter two are used but if you use these browsers to surf the Web, then the first two as well as Google Chrome are your best choices.

#4: Using secure and automatic passwords by means of a master password option (which is used in FireFox usually), it works well to not only keep snoopers away but also help you browse much faster as well.