How to Ensure the Long Life of Your Laptop Battery

It’s common knowledge that batteries don’t last forever. However, in maintaining your laptop battery carefully, you can still carry a sufficient charge until you are absolutely ready to move on to purchasing a new laptop for your daily computing needs.

Of course, this may take some effort which means that will turn out to be more of a hassle than it should be worth.

So let’s begin with a practical but less effective method. Now, let’s say that you are at home and are running the battery on AC power. Of course, you wouldn’t need the battery then. So, if you think your laptop is going to stay plugged in for a week or so, turn off the PC and remove the battery.

Of course, when you’re on the road, then you might need the battery. In this situation, you can plug it back in but also remembering to charge it before going on your trip.

Keep in mind that you should never insert a battery when the laptop is turned on. Always make sure it is turned off before you do this.

For the best results, never charge it above 80 percent but ensure that the power doesn’t fall below 20 percent. To ensure this, always keep an eye on the battery when it’s charging as you work on AC power.

As soon as it hits 80 percent, ensure that you turn off your system and remove the battery. Not very differently, when using the battery on the road, remove it if it goes below 20 percent. As a result, do not start up your system until you have access to AC power.