How to Create a Hidden File on Windows Operating Systems

There are several reason why making an invisible file comes in handy. Whether you want to keep certain files that might be deemed inappropriate to others or is just personal such as a diary, creating a hidden file is probably the best thing to do – especially if other people share your PC.

So, here is a list of steps that shows you how to create a hidden file, in particular, on Windows Operating Systems:

#1: First, create a folder in the directory where you want to store the file. For this, all you have to do is right click (when in the directory), select New and Folder.

#2: Next, in order to change the folder into an invisible one, we’ll have to change the icon by performing the right-click action on the folder, selecting Properties, the tab Customize and Change Icon. There are four blank spaces that you will as you scroll to your right. Pick anyone of these blank spaces (folder, actually!), select ‘apply’ and ‘Ok’.

#3: Next you have to rename your folder, and for this, right-click for options on the new folder, and select rename. Delete the original name and while the cursor is blinking, hold down ALT and type the numbers 0160 on the numeric keypad on the right-hand side of the keyboard. You will find that the cursor moves one step and this also makes the folder name invisible.

#4: Now you can highlight the area where the invisible folder is located so that you can find so as to enter start adding your personal or valuable files.