How to Add a Watermark in Microsoft 2007 and 2002/03

Any firm or organization that likes to leave its mark on any Word document, in particular, usually uses a background known as the ‘watermark’.

However, this doesn’t require any additional software to insert in any document for that matter. In just following simple steps, you can easily ‘stamp’ your documents with a unique watermark of your own.

Since Microsoft Word has more than one version, let’s look at the steps for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2002/2003.

Microsoft 2007

First, go to the Page Layout tab, and in the group titled ‘Page Background’, you’ll find ‘Watermark’ where all you have to do is select the option. Next, you can choose to either select a pre-designed or a custom watermark. There are a couple of watermarks already available such as Urgent, Do not copy or Confidential which one can pick.

Alternatively, you can select ‘Custom Watermark’ and choose to either create your own text or picture watermark by picking from the dropdown box for the test watermark or even upload a picture from your computer for the picture watermark option. Remember to his ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ if you are done with the Custom Watermark option.

Also remember that you can only view the watermark in the ‘Printed Layout’ view in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft 2002/03

For this version of Microsoft Word, one must go to the ‘Format Menu’ and then select ‘Printed Watermark’ and then, ‘Text Watermark’.

In the text box, enter the text you want to appear as the watermark, pick a font, size, color and layout as well as check the semitransparent check box. Click OK and you are done.