3 Ways to Access Your PC Remotely

Just because you have files on your PC, that doesn’t mean it is stuck and cannot be accessed on the go.

No matter where you are, there are a remote desktop solutions that you can use to access your files. Here are 3 of these solutions:

#1: Remote desktop

Remote desktop software such as TeamViewer allows you to access applications on your desktop over the internet. This software will work with tablets and phones too.

Set up a remote desktop server using TeamViewer as it is cross-platform, free of cost and is easy to use as well. Make sure you set it up for unattended access!

#2: Remote file access

You can TeamViewer too so as to access all your files no matter where you are. Select file transfer when you are connecting to a remote PC and you can access files either from your phone or your PC depending on where the files are located. Since the iPhone, iPad and Android apps have file transfer, you can download files from your PC to your tablet or smartphone too.

#3: Using Documents in the Cloud

Users can upload documents to Microsoft’s OneDrive, which is completely free of cost, and then use OfficeOnline to edit these documents. OneDrive has been integrated into Windows 8.1 and is also free for download for other versions of Windows too.

Take note that while Office for iPad will allow you to edit your documents easily, the same isn’t true for Office for Mobile since you would need to register with Office365.