3 Photo Apps That Will Transfer Your Photos Easily

Probably one of the best features of a smartphone is the ability to take pictures just about anytime and anywhere.

While that might seem simple enough, the truth is that getting them off your smartphone and on to your PC can be a real headache.

Instead of having to deal with wires, a better idea would be to use photo apps that are already on your phone or can be easily downloaded.

That said, here are 3 photo apps that makes the task of transferring photos effortless:

#1: OneDrive

This storage option offered by Microsoft is very similar to DropBox, in terms of its backup method.  Not only can you upload pictures by using Wifi but you also get 3 GB of storage completely free. With Windows 8 combining SkyDrive and OneDrive, it’s very simple to upload pictures that will end up on your PC easily. Just set OneDrive to download your camera backup folder by default.

#2: Google+

Even though there have been rumors about Google+ meeting its end, you can still upload all your pictures to this social network. Best part: they aren’t shared with anyone but kept private instead. Even though you won’t have them on your hard drive, it takes only a few clicks to download them on to your desktop.

#3: AirDroid

With this app, you don’t have to sync your phone and PC either. You can pick when you wish to connect to your PC (without a wire, of course). It’s also very simple to move files between your PC and AirDroid.