3 Outlook Organizational Tips To Save Time

Microsoft Outlook is probably as indispensable as a tool can get even if it isn’t loved at all. It can be a headache having to sift through emails all day long answering them or even responding to meeting requests.

That said, here are 3 Outlook organizational tips that can help save time in the process:

#1: Use custom folders

Using Custom folders will ensure that you won’t have to perform a manual search. Simply put, it’s like using a file cabinet. Not only are they easy to create, use and search for but there are no limits to the amount of space you can assign. When using these folders, be careful not to overdo things as it can slow down Outlook as a result.

#2: Use Quick Steps

This is an Outlook feature that helps you automate a series of tasks into one step. Simple tasks such as deleting, copying, forwarding and moving can be automated using this step. Using this feature can really cut down on checking emails especially if you receive a lot of emails daily. Once you define a Quick Steps task, then select the task from the Quick Steps menu. Outlook does the rest. You can even assign a shortcut key to these automated tasks.

#3: Email Templates

If your work involves sending the same email to a number of people, then sending an email using a template wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. In fact, this speeds up the process considerably. For starters, all you need to do is save this letter as an email template. To open it, click on New Items> More Items> Choose Form. After this, select User Templates and the saved the email. The rest is simple to carry out.