3 Kid-Friendly Operating Systems To Use

Teaching children about computers might be the best thing that you can do for them. However, with the information that is more suited to adults online, it’s disastrous to actually think of giving them free rein with a PC with an internet connection.

However, thanks to a powerful operating system such as Linux, one can avoid these pitfalls by using operating systems that have built keeping children in mind.

So, here are 3 operating systems that will ensure that you PC remains child-friendly:

#1: Qimo for Kids
Based on the popular Ubuntu Linux distro, this is the best operating system available for kids. Not only does this operating system come with pre-installed apps for kids but also has built-in filtering controls that would ensure that kids are not able to access adult content freely available over the internet. And just like more Linux distros, all you need is 6 GB of hard disk space, 256 MB RAM as well as 400 Mhz CPU to run it on.

#2: Edubuntu
Also based on Ubuntu Linux, this operating system is an excellent option for older children. While it does come with some preinstalled educational applications, there are no filtering controls much like Qimo. Simply put, it is a simple Ubuntu Linux distro offered with educational tools such as Compriz, KDE Education Suite and Tux4Kids.

#3: KIDO’Z Environment
Available for Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux users, this subscription based application is also an external alternative for children and is noted for being very safe to use. With a built-in browser that blocks ads and provides robust content filtering, the interface has also been designed so that kids can use it easily. However, in order to access all these features fully, a subscription fee of $4.99, $39.99 a year and $59.99 for a lifetime have to be paid – a small price to pay in order to protect your child.