How to Improve Privacy on 3 Popular Social Media Sites

While being anonymous on a social media site defeats the purpose, the truth is some people overlook their privacy settings when using one of these social networking sites.

This also gives cybercriminals the perfect chance to obtain revealing information about you and which can lead to untoward issues in the real world.

So, here are steps to how one can improve privacy on 3 of the most popular social media sites:

#1: Facebook

You can set your “Privacy Settings” to allow only Friends and Friends of Friends to look for you. Also, make sure that only Friends are allowed to see the posts that you make by adjusting the settings to “Who can see my stuff?”. Finally, go to the Timeline and Tagging Settings and set “Review Posts Friends Tag You In Before They Appear on your Timeline” to on.

#2: Twitter
Even though Twitter doesn’t pose the risk of sharing your private information, there are ways by which information can slip through the cracks. First, do not link Twitter to Facebook and better still, turn off the geotagging feature in the Account Settings section. And if you must, you can go private by selecting the ‘Protect my Tweets’ option in Account settings.

#3: Google+
Google+ offers an interesting feature called “Circles” where you get to share certain kinds of information with only certain people like posts which only your friends, family and co-workers can read.

Yet if one wants to ensure better privacy, they should not only limit who can see them by going to Account Settings and unchecking the option “Help Others Discover My Profile in Search Results”. Also, customize who can see how much information of yours by Profile and Privacy menu and making changes by clicking the “Edit visibility on Profile” button.