4 Security Tools to Protect Your Data

Every now and then, news of an online database hack is revealed and one wonders whether their personal information in the form of their username and password has been leaked out.

If that’s not enough, security breaches are also just as common these days leaving one to anticipate nasty surprises on their credit card statement or their inbox.

If you find yourself in this position, it’s time to take a few proactive steps to protect your data. So, here are 4 security tools that can help you do just that:

#1: KeePass
This open source password manager is a must-have for all users. Usually, people prefer to use one password for all the sites that they visit, posing great risk if the password is revealed. Using this password manager, and creating different and difficult passwords for all the sites that you visit is probably the best way to go while only having to remember one password – which is used to access this security tool.

#2: TrueCrypt
If you didn’t know this already, employees of DropBox can access your files at any given point of time. Even if they don’t, why take the chance, right?

This security tool ensures that all your online folders are encrypted just as disks are encrypted and in that sense, remains only yours. In fact, the company is so serious about securing your data that it allows you to create a hidden volume within an encrypted TrueCrypt disk making it twice as secure.

#3: Tor Browser Bundle
This security is perfect to ramp up your browsing security, thanks to its ability to truly browse the internet with complete anonymity. Of course, this tool isn’t flawless much like any other security system yet has been proven to be effective in several situations where individuals have to deal with restricted access to the Internet. It must also be noted that since it has to travel through so many layers and random endpoints, don’t expect it to be lightning fast.