3 Important Bookmarks That Every Computer Should Have

If you’ve recently bought a new PC, sooner or later, you’re going to need help whether you need to know which drivers are required after installing Windows or even what the wattage of the power supply is for a video-card upgrade and so on and so forth.

With that said, it would be necessary for you to access certain sites that will help you to find this information – in this case, websites that can be stored as bookmarks.

So, here are 3 bookmarks that every computer should have:

#1: PC Support Page

This is probably the most important link to have on your computer, which when accessed can give you the information you need most, since it does pertain to your PC. Once you are at the PC maker’s main support page, you can enter the model number and save that page for future reference.

#2: PC User Guide

It’s very rare nowadays for PCs to come with a printed user manual. In most cases, it comes as a preloaded file on your hard drive. If you don’t know where it is or you have deleted it, you can find it at the support page mentioned above. The vendor’s site is also a good place to look for it. Once you do find it, bookmark the page.

#3: PC Driver Download Page

In the situation of a Windows reinstall or even if drivers get corrupted, you’d need to reinstall the drivers again. For this, you’ll have to access the PC driver’s download page.

#4: User Forums

Apart from tech support, another way by which you can solve problems is by checking user forums where your fellow users might have had the same issues. If your PC does not have a dedicated help form, there are other sites where tech issues are discussed based on certain categories.