3 Browser Extensions for the Chrome New Tab Page

Browser extensions have been designed with the express purpose of making your browser more useful than it already is.

Of course, there’s not much to improve when it comes to the UI with the exception of Chrome’s New Tab page.

That said, here are 3 browser extensions that can help brighten up your web browser:

#1: Pinterest Tab

First up, you don’t need to have a Pinterest account to use this extension but you still get a beautiful picture for your tab from this social network that focuses on images. When starting the extension, you will be asked to choose image topics such as food, travel to name a few. However, it also gives us access to Google Calendar as well as a direct link to Pinterest itself.

#2: Earth View from Google Maps

This extension does not need any set-up whatsoever. Once you’ve installed it, every time you open a new tab, you can a beautiful satellite photo from Google Maps. It’s hard to tell whether this is from an extension as indicated by a Google Maps logo at the lower left hand corner as well as an indicator informing you of where this satellite photo has been taken from.

#3: Momentum

This extension helps you add a bit of prettiness along with productivity in your new tab. As soon as you start this extension up, it will ask you for your name as well as what the main focus of your day is. So, everytime you open up a new tab, you will be greeted personally, the time of day as well as the reminder that you wish to focus on. Apart from this, a beautiful photo as a backdrop, a to-do list and the current weather is also displayed.