The Benefits of Live Banner Ads

By Ted Dhanik 

Banner ads are one of the most popular forms of display advertising that are used online today.  Study after study has proven that these ads are typically successful at growing a company’s client base and potential sales.

Due to the sheer number of ads that consumers come across every single day, it’s crucial for advertisers to use ads that stand out among the crowd.  Unfortunately, if ads don’t have a unique, eye-catching appeal, most viewers will not remember the ad.  If a client doesn’t notice or remember an ad, they’re less likely to think of that brand when they need to purchase an item.

There are a few things that companies can do to make their ads more memorable and engaging.  One tip is to avoid static banner ads.  Today, the most successful online ads are live banners.  Banner ads that feature animation and videos tend to be more memorable for viewers than static ads.  Banner ads should be dynamic and interactive.  Many businesses still rely on static banner ads which means that a live banner will stick out.

While it is often more expensive to use dynamic banners, they are undoubtedly more successful at achieving their intended goal.  The goal of any ad is to eventually lead to sales.  However, advertising has more to do with growing brand recognition and creating an idea in the minds of potential clients.  In order for ads to bring in new clients, they have to create interest for the ad viewers.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR, supplier of high performance marketing solutions. Ted Dhanik is a passionate blogger who helps form trends in display advertising.  Visit for more information on Ted Dhanik.