How Command Centers Promote Transparency

Summary: Command center workstations give users easier access to critical information, promoting transparency both in and out of the office.


Control centers are complex environments with many moving parts working at any given time. These systems are designed to streamline business operations and help companies work more efficiently with the information they create and receive.


Command center workstations can help businesses in different industries work quicker and make better decisions to help their companies grow. One of the side effects of implementing command centers into a work environment is that it can ultimately promote more transparency.


Informed Employees


Since these workstations are designed with the intent of giving its users easier access to information and displaying data in ways that make sense, it should come as no surprise that they have the power to inform employees and keep them in-the-loop. Operations center desks can display critical internal information regarding the actual company, from sales to units produced for the quarter. Additionally, workers at these desks can pull up external information that might be relevant to people in different divisions, such as current events and data on competitors.


Information that would have otherwise been time-consuming to access can be readily available to your employees at all times if you set up an integrated system into your workflow.


Keeping Viewers In-The-Loop


While primarily designed to enhance the flow of information to employees, command center environments can also help viewers out. If you are running a sports broadcast, for example, companies like can help workstation operators gain access to the different camera feeds running. Being able to show the different angles of a play when a foul gets called could help both referees and players understand what is going on.