IT and cooling units

At first blush, one would think that “what’s the relation between IT and air conditioners? Does this mean that IT guys feel uncomfortable and sweat just like the rest of us when it gets warm?” Well of course, they’re every bit as human as we all are. But if you take a second and think, you’ll realize that computers, terminals, and all the equipment these guys run consume a whole lot of power – and when we talk about large power consumption, that means an equally large amount of heat generation too. Computers love the cold, and that’s because these machines function a whole lot better if it’s temperatures are maintained at a certain level. Computers that get too hot can malfunction or totally break down. Circuits and chips inside these things can warp, or even burn up if it isn’t cooled properly. That’s why IT equipment need spot cooling as well as dehumidification to ensure that these machines operate at constant temperatures so they don’t get damaged and worn out too quickly. What this means is that properly cooled IT equipment would require less maintenance due to unexpected failures, malfunctions, or breakdowns. That translates to less dollars spent on repairs and overhead, and more dollars focused on your core business. Perhaps, the most important thing you should take from this is the fact that poorly-cooled IT equipment such as servers and mainframes can malfunction and break down much sooner than its supposed to. So don’t scrimp on cooling units for your IT department!