3 Ways to Use an Older (But Working) PC

Most people think of getting a new PC during the holidays.

But what about the old one that is still working? Don’t throw it out just yet since there are a number of uses that are available when it comes to older PCs.

That said, here are 3 ways to use older PCs that shouldn’t be disposed off just yet:

#1: Home Theater PC

Even though this is considered a good idea by many, very few people actually go through with it. Using it in your living room can not only allow you to play games and downloaded files, watch DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs as well as watch videos and stream music as well. Best part: you can do this on a big screen as well.

#2: Kids PC

Rather than giving away your PC or tablet, why not turn it into a Kids PC that they can use to learn how to use. With the amount of focus on technology, it’s never too early to learn.

For this, there are a number of lightweight operating systems available that you can use instead of Windows.

#3: Web server

You can use an old PC to learn how website truly work and this is by running a web server. If you have a WordPress blog, then you can save almost $100 a year by running it yourself.

Of course, if this is a high traffic blog, then you might be in trouble but otherwise it shouldn’t be a problem. This is because your internet connection might be too slow.