3 Ways to Extend the Coverage of your Wi-Fi Network

Without a doubt, a wireless network has become integral to both PC as well as mobile users. However, with portable devices such as tablets, smartphones and even laptops, there are times when you won’t get reception from certain parts of your home.

So, here are 3 ways by which you can get rid of those dead spots and extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi network:

#1: Pick the best location

Probably the most important aspect of getting the best Wi-Fi reach is all about location. In this case, it is the location of your wireless access point, which in turn, is located in your wireless router too. For this, make sure that the location of your wireless AP is in the center of your home. Preferably, placing it on an open shelf will be better than placing it on the ground.

#2: Upgrade your Wi-Fi Router’s Antenna

While there are a number of strategies that can extend your Wi-Fi reach, after a point, you’ll have to spend some money for it. One such strategy involves purchasing an upgradeable antenna such as the Asus RT series or Linksys WRT1900AC, you can swap your router’s antenna for higher gain. Of course, if your router has an internal antenna, this strategy won’t work.

#3: Add a Wi-Fi range extender

Instead of replacing your wireless router altogether, it’s a good idea to install a Wi-Fi range extender. This device picks up the signal and rebroadcasts it to improve your network coverage. It should be pointed out that they work best when equidistant between the client or clients that you are trying to reach as well as primary wireless access point.