What You Need to Know About Running Android Apps on Windows

Android and Windows are very different operating systems. This is why programs on one system will not work on another.

For this, using an Android Virtual PC on your system is advised. But it can be a real challenge setting it up.

That said, there’s an easy work around this problem in the form of the American Megatrends’ AMIDuOS. This program is based on the popular technology used by VirtualBox. So, it offers one a virtual Android machine in a pre-conformed package.

mysystemjournal1Quite oddly, AMI seems to be confused with what to call this program. When used for Windows, it calls itself DuOS. On the website, it is called AMIDuOS.

(This sounds very similar to the Baroque composer known as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but the resemblance was unintentional, of course)

Now you can run AMIDuOS (and Android programs) either in Full Screen or in a new window. Experts recommend the Normal Screen Settings that can be changed using the DuOS Configuration Tool.

The reason for this is it fills the entire screen but still makes room for the Windows Exit and Minimize Icons. Additional settings will enable you to use your Windows libraries in Android. You can root and unroot your virtual device too.

That said, both these operating systems will play well together. You can even copy-paste from one to the other. But the usual Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V doesn’t work.

As for its costs, you can use AMIDuOS for a duration of 30 days at no cost. After this, you’ll have to pay $10 to use AMIDuOS. Since it is tied into your Google account, you can log on and actually install it on as many PCs as possible.