What to Do If Your PC Is Overheating

There’s a distinct relationship between heat, electricity and damaged circuits. Every computer works with this relationship. In some cases, they even break down due to getting overheated.

This is because too much heat will break down the CPU’s efficiency while wearing out components faster than usual. It is therefore necessary to keep an eye on your CPU’s temperature especially if it feels hot to the touch or the fan is working overtime.

mysystemjournal3For this, download Priform’s Speccy which is free of cost and easy to use. The main window in Speccy will offer a lot of information about your hardware. Temperatures will stand out either in bright yellow or orange text.

In particular, the System Tray offers temperature information in the notification area. Of the two colors, the orange one is what you need to be careful of because that indicates you have a real problem. But that’s only basic information. If you want more information, then make a model of your CPU and internal drive. You’ll find the information on Speccy itself – there’s nothing to worry.

Now, in order to find out how much heat is too much for your computer’s CPU, go to CPU World. Look for your particular processor, select it and look the temperature specifications involved. That said, this heat problem isn’t a problem with hard drive. In fact, a Google report stated that the activity levels and temperatures are less associated with the drive failure than anything else.

Yet any drive can be damaged by too much heat, so it is still a good idea to play it safe. Also, you can find the manual for your hard drive online. You can find the temperature numbers there if you want to double check.