3 Best Features of the Windows 8 Ecosystem

It’s been a few months since Windows 8 was launched. However, this release seems like a shift for Windows users because of the number of auxiliary products and services that have sprung up to support the operating system. And they’re here to stay, whether users like them or not.

With that said, here are three of the best features of the Windows 8 ecosystem:

#1: The Introduction of Tablet-Laptop Hybrids

Not only is Windows trying to move their users, both old and new, to the touch experience, with their latest operating system but have also backed the idea that tablet-laptop hybrids are the future of computing. With Surface RT being the first time Microsoft is venturing into the world of hardware, which puts it in direct competition with its hardware partners, this will only pave the way for innovative and cheaper computers for the Windows 8 ecosystem in the future.

#2: A unified experience across all platforms

Since touch is the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Windows 8, its ability to deliver a unified experience across all platforms, whether tablets, laptops or desktops is far better than what Apple has been able to come up with, being divided between Mac OS and iOS.

Better still, what binds them all together is the new Microsoft account sign-in that easily synchronizes settings on all Windows-based hardware and services that you might be using.

#3: Windows Store

With Apple getting an app store and Google following suit, Microsoft has also jumped into the fray. The Windows Store, or as it is known, not only has apps for the Windows Phone but also for desktops as well.

With Microsoft encouraging developers to create apps, the old method of installing program directly from the internet will slowly be done away with. Not only will this ensure that the apps downloaded will still keep a user’s computer safe but will ensure that it works well with the Window 8 operating system – standards that have been set by Microsoft for third-party developers.