How to Remove All Traces of Online Activity

All of us, at some point or the other, tend to surf objectionable content – whether adults or children.

If you’ve visited websites with content that you don’t want anyone else to know about, then it’s a good idea to know how to delete the history and cookies that track which websites that you’ve visited.

So here are the steps to removing all traces of online activity:

#1: As a precautionary measure, check if your computer was in the state that you left it in – whether it is in Standby Mode or shut down completely.

#2: Sometimes people who pry around forget to close what they were doing when they were looking for what you were up to. Check to see if any files or programs are open.

#3: Also, check to see if the ‘history’ window is still open and which continues to remain so even if the browser is closed. It is definitely a way by which you can tell whether anyone has been snooping around to check what you’ve been up to.

#4: Check for hidden programs in Processes tab of Task Manager which go by the name ‘Ghost’ or ‘Spector’ that might have been installed so as to monitor the websites that you have been visiting. In all probability, this is the work of a parent, who is only trying to protect you. All you have to do is select that program and ‘End Process’. Better still, you can uninstall that program as well by going to Control Panel and then Programs.

#5: Other tips to keep your surfing information anonymous is to clear your cookies and files after each session or even use Opera, which is relatively unknown, as a browser. Also, you can look for options in Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer that offer one the ability to browse privately or in incognito mode.