Achieving EDI Compliance

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Is your business EDI compliant? If you have any sort of interactions with trading partners, it should be. EDI has become a necessity in the modern world because of its ability to streamline supply chains. It facilitates easy communication between business partners and prevents human error from costing you time and money. However, for this exchange to occur, companies must share data in a way that is compatible with their trading partners’ EDI standards.

There is a set of worldwide EDI standards that dictate the format businesses receive EDI documents in. Your trading partners cannot receive your information correctly if you do not send it in the format they use. Recording your transaction information and converting it into the right EDI format can seem complex and daunting if you have no experience in the field. Large companies with enough experience may opt to do EDI in-house, but if you are a smaller company with no EDI experience, it might be worthwhile to hire an EDI expert. The right EDI provider can help you achieve EDI compliance without the hassle of training new employees and allocating funds to your own EDI program.

ACT Data has been one of the premier EDI providers in the industry for more than 25 years. They’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Amazon, Target, Gap, and JC Penney. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, contact them today for EDI compliance, data mapping, VAN services, and other comprehensive EDI solutions.

Amazon to Open 300-400 Physical Book Stores

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The online shopping giant recently revealed that they will be opening between 300 to 400 physical book stores across the country. While there was no official announcement, this move was widely expected given the recent trial bookstore opened.

Amazon will use the data gathered from all book sales online to determine the catalog of books available at each store. Each section will be stocked with titles based on specific category sales data. They will also take is a step further and use data gathered for sales within those geographic areas to narrow down the most popular titles. In addition they will also stock books favored by influencers. It is not yet clear who these are but Jeff Bezos himself will be recommending certain titles.

There are two advantages for Amazon with this approach. The first, now that they have dominated online book sales, is to get a larger share of the sales from physical stores. There are still several large bookstore chains that Amazon will target with these launches. The other is that thanks to the large data set they can also limit the number of books they will need to stock at each store.

The rumor is that these bookstores will also be used as last mile delivery hubs to get books to local customers quickly. Amazon recently ran trials of one hour delivery in certain cities and this is expected to tie in to their attempts to get products into their customers hands faster. For the moment Amazon will only be selling books at their stores. Which is also how they started online.

How Vacuum Metallization Plays a Role in Commercial and Residential Industries

The properties of vacuum metallization are seen everywhere – from refrigerators to high-end designer products.

vacuum-metallization-closeupVacuum metallization continues to be used for a variety of commercial and residential industries. The process of vacuum metallization is performed by combining a metal with a non-metallic substrate through the process of evaporation. Now, the most common material used in today’s industry is aluminum because of its low-cost, reflective properties, and thermodynamic advantages that it brings to a coating.

Aesthetic Finishes

Vacuum metallization is performed for a variety of reasons. For aesthetic purposes, it can add a nice finish to a product. The metalized substrate that creates the film can add a reflective finish that can be used with other processes to enhance the decorative look of the product. Additionally, through the use of a PVD system, one can dye the film to provide another unique look to the substrate. If you’ve ever wondered how certain products have such a unique and high-end appearance, it’s because of vacuum metallization.

Vacuum Metallized Surfaces for Insulation

The process of vacuum metallization is perform to increase the functionality of the substrate that is being coated. Furthermore, this makes it great for insulation purposes, primarily because of its increased reflective purposes. For commercial and residential fields, there are radiant barrier reflective insulation materials involved that are created through the process of vacuum metallization.

To sum it up, vacuum metallization is a process that is continuously used in a variety of industries. Its ability to increase the substrate’s functionality has essentially provided a unique way for industries to flex their versatility.

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2 Features in Windows 8 That Will Help You Manage Disk Space Easily

Managing your disk space is now easier with Windows 8.1. In the past, people had to use My Computer or My PC and File Explorer to get basic information about the space on your drive.

But all that’s changed now since two features in the PC Settings makes the task of managing your disk much easier, and they are:

#1: Disk Space

For this, open the Charm bar and select Settings and after which, select Change PC Settings. Once the PC Settings app is open, then move to PC Settings and Devices as well as Disk Space.

Since you are checking for disk space, the results will take a while to pop up especially if you have a number of files on your disk.

Just keep in mind that these summaries are grouped by folders that are named specifically and NOT the Windows libraries.

So, in using this tool, you’ll be able to find out which folder is taking up too much space and take the necessary action by moving files to cloud storage or an external hard drive. Another feature of this app is that one can empty the Recycle Bin.

#2: App Sizes

Another aspect of managing disk space includes monitoring the size of applications which can be seen as soon as you click the link See my application’s sizes. This will take you Search and app and then to App sizes.

What you will find is a list of all your UI apps and the amount of space they take up. All you have to do from there on is to uninstall the ones that you don’t need – one by one. If you want to remove several at a time, you can use the Windows 8 App Remover instead.