How to Improve Productivity Without Sacrificing Morale

Summary: A happy employee can provide more to your company than you might think.

A productive mission-control environment requires a team of operators that work efficiently with one another. One of the most important considerations that an owner must place at the forefront of his or her responsibilities is ensuring every operator knows his or her role and focuses on the job at hand. Here are some tips on how to improve the efficiency of your command center without having to crack the whip.


Every employee wouldn’t mind a bonus for outperforming his or her role. If this is the case, compensation may be what’s needed to boost morale. Now, you’re not running a charity so what you’re offering doesn’t have to be given out on a monthly basis.

Additionally, if you’re considering this, ensure that the operator knows what he or she has done to deserve this. Recognition is one of the best ways to improve morale and lower turnover rates.

Set Them Up For Success

Nothing’s worse for an operator than to work at a station without the proper tools to succeed – things like outdated computers, miscommunication between coworkers, and lack of equipment. If you’re running the show, you’ll want to make sure each operator has the necessary tools needed to perform the job efficiently.

Always be open to suggestions as well, each individual that you have on your team has something that he or she can offer. Some ideas may enhance your company’s overall level of productivity. While you ultimately are the one that’s going to be making the suggestions, you have to remember that your employees aren’t just numbers, but rationale individuals that are more than capable of outperforming themselves. You just need to bring it out of them.