Merge Existing Furnishings with Rattan and Wicker Pieces for an Eclectic Stylish Office Space

Spice Island Wicker

Successfully merging existing office furniture styles with new rattan or wicker pieces can create a unique and inviting tropical vibe in your workspace. Here are some tips to help you achieve a successful transition:

Begin by assessing the current office furniture and identifying the pieces that can be easily integrated with Classic Rattan or wicker elements. Look for items that can complement the new style, such as wooden desks, neutral-colored chairs, or tables with simple designs or glass tops.

Plan the layout and then look at the ranges on offer and determine which would be most beneficial for your office space.  Spice Island Wicker can be easily matched to existing furniture and also pairs well with natural rattan. Look at your space and decide where you want to incorporate a rattan storage item or a wicker chair. Consider areas such as reception, waiting areas, lounges, or breakout spaces that can benefit from a tropical touch.

To save on budget choose rattan or wicker furniture pieces that complement the existing furniture style. Opt for items like chairs, side tables, bookshelves, or storage units made from rattan or woven wicker to introduce natural, tropical elements. Select pieces from South Sea Rattan in colors and finishes that harmonize with the existing furniture and office color scheme. Another great idea is to pair a rattan chair with a wooden desk or place a wicker side table next to a modern couch. This combination adds visual interest and creates a balanced style.

At Wicker Paradise, you can find a range of sets to suit all unique needs and requirements. The competent and helpful team is available to assist you with choosing the correct set for your office.