Different Marketing Channels

By Ted Dhanik  

There are many different marketing channels a business can use to promote itself and products. Below are listed a few of the most popular and well known ones.

Television and Radio

Ah, the classic time of television and radio marketing channels. This is a great way to communicate a business brand and presence into large masses of audience viewers. It is true that channels are getting smaller viewing numbers as the shows are getting more specific to audiences. But television is still one of the best ways to reach the most people in the shortest amount of time. This holds true for radio.

Display Marketing

This refers to the marketing ads seen online, either ads that require a potential client to click on them to go to another page, or the banners listed on the sides or top of a website. It also refers to the ads that show up in search results. This form of marketing is great to reach localized, specific traffic that is interested and more likely to buy the product or business that is being promoted. Because it is highly specialized and specific, this type of marketing requires extensive research on its audience to be effective. However, the results are undeniable and almost immediate.

Facebook Marketing

A new addition to the marketing world and the biggest competitor of display marketing, this consists of the ads shown in the newsfeed of a Facebook account user. Similar to television and radio ads, the ad itself is not specified or directed to a certain user in any way. Actually, the channel it is using, Facebook, dictates which ads get shown and where. This marketing channel is popular because of the amount of views and traffic advertising it gets.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik focuses on high-performance marketing solutions for his clients. Ted Dhanik offers his wisdom on display marketing in his professional blogs.