3 Tips on What You Should Avoid Downloading

One of the reasons why the internet is so popular is because you can get ‘free stuff. Books, movies, games and music – you name it.

Of course, not everything that you can download off the internet is safe for your computer, no matter what you think, thanks to the file containing malware, spyware or a virus.

So, here are 3 tips on what you should avoid downloading:

#1: Illegal Torrent files

Torrent files are in use today to download large and small files and sites such as The Pirate Bay, Utorrent and BitTorrent are often caught infringing copyright rules. Since there’s every chance of you getting caught by the police for downloading pirated files, it’s better to keep off.

#2: File sharing programs

Another source of pirated files is file-sharing programs such as Kazaa, Napster, FrostWire and so on and so forth. While there’s every chance that what you might be downloading is considered to be copyright infringement, some of these files also come with a virus or are known to contain files that will help people hack into your computer. So it’s important to be wary that you stay on the side of the law while not exposing your computer to hackers either.

#3: Videogames from free sites

There are several sites that offer free links to download popular videogames for PC. Avoid giving into the temptation to do so and buy the game, even if at a cheaper rate, from Amazon or eBay. Not only will you feel you did the right thing but you’ll get to enjoy the entire game. As for demos, only download them from recognized sources.