3 Power Tools for Bookmarking

The web is changing gradually, where a number of sites are being converted into apps. Still, there is one thing that isn’t changing – bookmarks, in particular.

That said, if you want to organize all your stuff into folders, then the standard bookmarks manager located in your browser should do. But if you want something more, here are 3 power tools for bookmarking:

#1: Evernote

The popular note-taking service Evernote might not be the best tool to use when it comes to storing bookmarks. However, there’s an option where you can use Evernote for research-based bookmarks and where you will have to install the web clipper add-on. This service will help save an entire webpage or parts of it to Evernote. Once you do this, you can also use other features such as voice memos, tagging, search, annotations and even sharing.

#2: Dewey Bookmarks

This Chrome extension will help you browse your bookmarks far more easily than usual as they are displayed in the grid format where each bookmark is displayed as a card with the title of the site or webpage, the folder it is located in and as an image.

You can even sort it by date, address or title and pencil icon should appear that will help edit the title or URL apart from being able to add or delete a tag.

#3: Chrome Bookmarks Manager

Google added its own Bookmarks Manager to the Chrome Web Store where its design aesthetic and interface should be easy to navigate through if you use a number of Chrome web apps. These bookmarks are displayed as cards and which is very similar to the Dewey Bookmarks discussed earlier.

Once the extension has been installed, go to chrome://bookmarks so as to manage them.