How You Can Use Encryption to Keep your Data Safe

Keeping your data safe is important, no matter whether you are a small business or a big enterprise.


By definition, encrypting your files ensures that only you and the intended receiver are able to read what has been sent to him or her. However, before you learn how to enable this feature, it’s important for you to create strong passwords or else it defeats the purpose of encryption in the first place.


So, here is how you can use Encryption in different ways so as to keep your data safe:


#1: Hard Drive


While you do have a login screen for your PC or laptop, a thief can easily access your data by opening your system and hooking it up to another computer. This is where Microsoft’s BitLocker comes in and all one has to do is go to Control Panel, System and Security and BitLocker Encryption and select the drive for the ‘Turn On Bitlocker Encryption’.


However, as an alternative, one can use DiskCryptor or TrueCrypt for full-disk encryption.


#2: External and Thumb Drives


For external and thumb drive, you’ll have to use the ‘BitLocker To Go’ option by going to the BitLocker Menu and selecting the “Turn On BitLocker” selection next to the USB or external drive.


#3: Internet Traffic


If you travel regularly and work while doing so, using an unsecured connection, it’s very easy for hackers to break into your system. For this, the best solution is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which creates a protected ‘tunnel’ to a third-party server. Since the data, which can be sensitive in nature, is encrypted, it is unreadable to the hacker even if intercepted.