Face Recognition Time Machines

Written by: Allied Time

Invest in your time and money on time systems that offers a great value on offering a hygienic, secure and fast verification of your employees’ identity when they punch in at work everyday. We guarantee that all our products are created in such a manner that each employee is secured with their identity and that it would only take them less than a second to verify themselves when they come in for work. Our leading attendance technology has been acknowledged by our long list of happy and satisfied customers because we make sure that we only create and offer a really great electronic time clock or other products that we offer. Visit our website and browse through our many featured products that have proven to be bestsellers over the years. We carry all sorts of time machine systems and we are confident that the solutions that we came up with will help any business. Any business with employees will definitely need to avail of our products because keeping track of time worked is very important in a company for the manager to process the money that should be allotted for each employee. One of our very sought after products is the Lathem time system, which is unique because it instantly detects faces of employees and it is a great alternative to fingerprint time machine systems because it is more hygienic and it is quick, efficient and highly developed with technology. Managers will be able to connect to multiple clocks to a single systems and it can store up to 500 employee faces if you upgrade the system.

Lathem time truly is a testament to our highly digital world and it is a new way for employees to punch in for work. Avail of this product and so many more when you visit our website.