How You Can Speed Up Your Browsing Using Vimium

Trackpads or mice aren’t very helpful when it comes to browsing the Web with speed, and which is why keyboard shortcuts will come in handy.

Of course, it isn’t easy to memorize all the keyboard shortcuts. It’s just as painful as moving your hands from the keyboard to the mouse and back again.

This is where Vimium comes in – a browser extension for Chrome which will help you control all your browsing from your keyboard.

The first thing that you will have to do is download and install this extension from the Chrome Web Store. You can find a similar version from Firefox’s add-on repository.

Now all you have to open a website, and check if a couple of shortcuts work. For example, type ‘G’ and watch to see if you drop to the bottom of the site. Alternatively, if you type ‘gg’, you should you go back to the top of the page.

There are a number of shortcuts that you can use when you install Vimium that could be anything from switching between tabs to even opening links.

While the majority of sites will work perfectly with Vimium, a number of Google properties such as Gmail, Chrome new tab page as well as the Chrome Web Store don’t. There are other websites that won’t because they have their own shortcuts.

After you’ve tried the first two commands, type ‘?’ in any website where Vimium works, and you should get a complete list of commands.

How IT Companies in Los Angeles Can Help Solve Crimes

It was finals week, December of 2013. Students at Harvard were just getting started with their exams when something quite unexpected happened. Meanwhile, student Eldo Kim was logging into the school network via a browser he thought was obscuring his location. It was campus IT, in cooperation with police, who ultimately compared time stamps of the emails to police with time stamps of anonymous browsers.

IT infrastructure is increasingly becoming an integral part of solving crime. How companies deal with cyber security will only improve as more industries enter the digital age.

Network Monitoring

Hospitals in Irvine are adapting to changes in the health care laws. That means more patient information is going to the cloud, and these medical facilities are not equipped to deal with data breaches. There are also problems with staff training. Part of the solution is computer support in Irvine to help deal with the flood of new issues. That support also includes network monitoring that will help these businesses detect and react to data leaks faster.

The reality is that security comes down to how quickly you can detect someone is trying to breach your system. Antivirus programs attempt to shield us from these attacks, but sustained attacks will collapse most systems. Monitoring helps detect these breaches as they happen, and emergency response teams can assess the risk and deal with the problem.

Risk Management

Risk management means assessing a company’s likelihood of being attacked, and knowing what the business stands to lose. IT companies in Los Angeles that offer hardware and software consulting base their careers off of making recommendations on the best solutions. These businesses look at the size of the customer base, analyze the access points needed, and craft a system that caters to different “levels” of user.

Emergency Support

Emergency support comes into play when there is a breach in the early hours of the morning, or late in the evening. Companies can maintain staff in-house, and many do. Paying that staff overtime to remain on-call is expensive, so around the clock response is usually outsourced to a firm better equipped to deal with it.

Data Management

In-house teams tend to work with a business’ data sets and create the applications needed to work with that data. They manage the customer and business side of the application, and are better equipped to respond to technical issues that may occur on-site. A combination of these services helps relegate the cost of IT, and keep data manageable as the business scales.


This guest post is brought to you by Cal Net Technology Group, a firm of Los Angeles computer consultants specializing in data management and emergency response. Cal Net offers on-site training for employees, as well as a risk assessment for businesses concerned with digital security.

Give Your Employees The Education They Need With IT Training Videos

Companies in the IT industry know how important it is to have their employees stay up to date on all the latest technology with IT training videos. The IT industry comes out with new software everyday so your employees need to be constantly learning.


The IT industry changes and evolves constantly. Every day there are new procedures coming out along with revised software. Every time a new piece of computer equipment is introduced, there are instructional videos and new software to go with it. When you are in the IT industry you are learning and taking classes your whole career.


Programmers aren’t the only ones that need to stay up to date on all the latest developments. Even secretaries and assistants need to be constantly staying abreast on all the latest tips and tricks; hence one of the best websites dedicated to online training is This company is dedicated to employees that work in the IT industry. This site has Microsoft Office online courses and courses in Desktop Applications for all administrative personnel. If your techs need a brush up course there is also Windows Server 2008 online training available as well. When your employees are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in all the latest software and developments it not only puts your company far ahead of other companies competing for your customers, it also makes your company one of the leaders in the IT industry. When your employees look good, you look good. So take your employees to the next level with online IT courses and instructional videos.

Zebra Barcode Label Printers: Producing Wonder Prints

The Zebra barcode label printers are able to prints labels or even tags that can be perfectly attached to any objects. It is primarily used in labeling the carton before shipment. It can also be used to label the retail items. It is the type of printer suitable to use for any types of business. It can be the perfect tool for business owner, especially in processing data easier. The printer will be able to print the barcode label with attached information and data about a specific product.

Whenever you need a label printer, you can actually depend on the Zebra Thermal Desktop Printers. It is the simple perfect solution for your business. As you can see, the printer does not take up too much room because of its unique size. With the use of the thermal rolls, you will be able to print on as easily as it could. As a matter of fact, most health care institutions are using the product in printing their paperwork and other related printing jobs.

If you want to experience a lightweight printing, then surely Zebra Mobile Label Printers is the perfect choice. It is the printer perfect to use for onsite needs. You can bring it with you anywhere you go because it can be easily inserted into the pocket. It can truly improve your efficiency in the workplace. Aside from that, the printer does not require extensive maintenance. Hence, it is very easy to maintain. If you want to perform printing operations anytime and anywhere, then truly this is the perfect choice.

Comparing Zebra Mobile Label Printers to Thermal

Running a retail shop requires an easy to use system of labeling prices on the inventory for customers to see and an efficient way for the store clerks to ring up items. Using a Zebra Barcode Label Printers system can efficiency accomplish both of these tasks; they offer the ability to quickly make easy to read labels and they reduce customer lines at the checkout by automatically ringing up items. Additionally, using the barcode system prevents inventory loss as items can be tracked.

Zebra Thermal Desktop Printers are a great option for printing mass quantities of labels. They can sit stable upon a desktop granting the user increased organization and a free hand for double tasking. They are also easy to refill for their paper. Another advantage of a thermal printer is that it renders the need to reorder ink mute, as the paper simply changes to a darker color by heat created by the printer.

Additionally, Zebra Mobile Label Printers offer the advantage of the employee being able to print labels while walking around the store. This drastically increases the efficiency when it is necessary to re-label merchandise, such as during a clearance sale, as the employee does not need to carry either labels or merchandise back and forth to a desktop printer. Excellent rates on all varieties of these printers can be found through catalogs or online specialty stores; there is also the advantage that ordering refills on printing materials is just a click away.